cash out your home's equity

Why Cash-Out Now?

Home Prices Are Rising

Home prices have been on a meteoric rise for the past seven years. In January 2012, the U.S. median home price was $154,700. Today, that figure has nearly doubled—to $289,300—and sellers have rejoiced.

Mortgage Rates Are At a New Low

 While mortgage rates remain low, experts predict more buyers will enter the market in the coming months.  

Millennials Are Flooding The Market

 Historically speaking, people tend to buy their first home around age 30. And guess what? We've got a whole bunch of people turning 30 in the next two years—nearly 5 million, in fact, according to data. So you can count on those millennials to be a driving force in the housing market.  

You Stand To Make A Handsome Profit

Home prices have been on a meteoric rise for the past seven years. In The Metro DC/Baltimore are, 49.5% of homes have multiple offers.  With home Prces rising with low interest rates, now is the time to maximize your home's value.

New Buyers Are Still Entering the Market

If your house is at the higher end of the price range in your market, you should expect less buyer interest than in previous years. If your home is considered in the entry-level or midlevel price range for your city, however, expect to have interested buyers eager to move quickly.  
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