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You are probably familiar with the concept of trading in your existing car when you want to buy a new car. So we thought why not design a program that can help homeowners trade their home for a better home!

How does this work? It's quite simple. When somebody agrees to trade in their home, I will give them a written guarantee to sell their home at a price agreeable to them. If for some reason we don't sell our client's home, I buy it myself at the guaranteed price!

Our clients love this program because when they are moving up and looking to buy, they may find themselves inevitably stuck in a catch 22 situation.

Either they sell their present home first and are afraid they won't find the right home, or they place an offer to buy and risk owning two homes. My "Trade In Trade Up" program allows them to step out of the undesirable situation completely.

Also, they have the option to sell and stay in the home for up to 12 months, so they can feel confident in finding their next dream home.
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Did you know you can trade up to a larger home for the same monthly payment you are making now?

For example, a $300,000 30-Yr FRM home purchased in 2000 with a monthly payment of $2,365, you can buy a $500,000 home for the same monthly payment!

Purchased a $300,00 home in 2010? You can buy a $375,000 home for same monthly payment you make now.

Did you finance with a 5/1-Yr ARM? If you purchased a $300,00 house in 2008, for the same monthly payment, you could move up to a $425,000 home!

*monthly payments include P&I, Taxes, and Insurance

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