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Vinny Steo has over 12,000 Buyers in his database who have provided their information and a detailed description of their ideal home. He may already have the Buyer for Your Home!

Of these buyers, 98.8%  plan to live in the property and call it their own, as opposed to investors. What this means for you is you are more likely to receive a higher offer on your home and possibly multiple offers in a short time frame. These buyers are considered “True Homeowners” who are more likely to provide the highest offer.

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Vinny has been featured in and on

ABC Midday Maryland Wyatt Everhart interviews Vinny Steo
WBAL NewsRadio 1090 AM/101.5 FM Bryan Nehman reveals
Vinny's Secret in Selling Homes Fast and For Top Dollar

Scott Reardon of Baltimore's 98 Rock endorses Vinny Steo

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